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About Jill

"I first met Jill Blashack Strahan when she had just started Tastefully Simple. I immediately sensed that she and the company would do well. Why? She was passionate about her own personal growth as a leader, and she has a great product. She is a shining example of 'As the leader grows, so grows the company.' She is a gifted leader who has a great story to share, and she will inspire your team regardless of the topic."

– John C. Maxwell, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Speaker

"I had the distinct pleasure to hear Jill speak before an audience of HR professionals. She provided insightful ideas on culture-building that resonated with everyone and encouraged us to explore how these ideas could apply to our own organizations. She was alternately serious and humorous … it was a delightful hour. Jill was a big hit!"

– Grayce Belvedere Young, President of Organization Performance for the Prouty Project

“Jill is as inspiring in real life as she is onstage! Her presentations are engaging, uplifting and fun.

– Amanda Gore, Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author & Humorist

"Jill was real. She has an amazing ability to connect with the group as a whole and with attendees individually. She reached 250 women and the impact she had while delivering an inspirational message was amazing!"

– Katie Johnson, Vice President of Marketing & Communications,
Lake Region Healthcare

"After Jill's keynote at the Collegiate DECA ICDC and throughout the next week, I had students and advisors tell me how inspiring her talk was and how much they enjoyed it. One student told me it was the best opening event he had been to in four years! Another student said just hearing Jill speak was worth the cost of the trip."

– Karen Meuwissen, Marketing Instructor, Alexandria Technical Community College

“There is no entrepreneur out there - male, female, young, old, just starting out or seasoned - who can't learn from Jill's stories and thoughtfulness. She just goes to show that effective leadership isn't nasty, brutish and mean: it is wise, generous and responsive."

– Margaret Heffernan, CEO & Author of How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business Success

About Jill's Book Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire

"[Simply Shine] is a book I found filled with hope, courage, faith and real honesty, and above all a book that shows how even the most ordinary of people can accomplish extraordinary things. Whether you're looking for a story to rekindle your spirit or some simple philosophies for success, I recommend Simply Shine - Stories That Stirred the Fire ... and see what it takes to simply shine."

– Belinda Ellsworth, from complimentary weekly email More From Belinda Ellsworth

"Jill Blashack Strahan invites us into an uncommon world: a chance to learn the thoughts of a leader as they go from nothing to everything. When we gain access to what a great leader is thinking, we get something every aspiring leader craves: the wisdom to make our own dreams come true. This book, like Jill's work, is a gift to humanity."

– Craig Ross, President and Partner of Pathways to Leadership

"Simply Shine is a collection of warm, insightful, poignant stories about creating a business while building a life, told by one of Minnesota's most accomplished business leaders of all time."

– Jay Novak, Former Publisher & Editor of Twin Cities Business

"What makes this autobiography shine is Jill Blashack Strahan's can-do attitude and her ability to balance business success with giving, gratitude and joy."

– Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Gung Ho®

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