Meet Jill

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Her Story
Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Jill founded Tastefully Simple in 1995 on "a dream and a shoestring,” starting the company in a shed with no running water. Within the first eight years alone, it grew from $100,000 to a $113 million enterprise, and by 2008 it generated sales of $143 million– becoming a household name across the country.

But just three years into the business, Jill was rocked by tragedy. Her brother was killed in a fall, and eight months later, her husband died suddenly. Faced with raising her five-year-old son alone and managing a skyrocketing business, the decision to continue was painful. She says simply, "You always have a choice. You can get bitter or get better."

Her Impact
Today it’s easy to see the lasting impact and legacy of Jill’s passion and perseverance.

Over the past 25 years, Jill has been recognized as a top entrepreneur, business leader and CEO All-Star – earning awards and accolades from Inc.Fast CompanyErnst & Young and many more. Her first book Simply Shine was published in 2007. And since 2008, she has been sharing her powerful message across the nation, inspiring others as a professional speaker.

Inspiring others

“Jill is as inspiring in real life as she is onstage! Her presentations are engaging, uplifting and fun.”

Amanda Gore

Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author & Humorist

“There is no entrepreneur out there – male, female, young, old, just starting out or seasoned – who can’t learn from Jill’s stories and thoughtfulness. She just goes to show that effective leadership isn’t nasty, brutish and mean: it is wise, generous and responsive.”   

Margaret Heffernan

CEO & Author of How She Does It

“After Jill’s National DECA keynote, I had students and advisors tell me how inspiring her talk was and how much| they enjoyed it. One student said it was the best event he’d been to in four years! Another student said just hearing Jill speak was worth the cost of the trip.” 

Karen Meuwissen