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Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire

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Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire

by Jill Blashack Strahan

Life isn't always easy.

That's how this story begins for Jill Blashack Strahan - inspirational speaker, author and Founder & CEO of Tastefully Simple, Inc. But it's a long way from where the story ends.

About the Book

Come on an inspirational journey that explores the inner fire and life lessons that took "an average Minnesota farm girl" to the helm of a phenomenally successful direct sales company and the top of Inc. magazine's list of CEO All Stars. And learn how her principles can help you live your own life with abundance, magic and realness.

Whether you're looking for a story to rekindle your spirit or some simple philosophies for success, simply turn the page ... and see what it takes to simply shine.

Hardcover: $24.95
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Reviews & Comments for Simply Shine

"[Simply Shine] is a book I found filled with hope, courage, faith and real honesty, and above all a book that shows how even the most ordinary of people can accomplish extraordinary things. Whether you're looking for a story to rekindle your spirit or some simple philosophies for success, I recommend Simply Shine - Stories That Stirred the Fire ... and see what it takes to simply shine."

– Belinda Ellsworth, from complimentary weekly email More From Belinda Ellsworth

"Jill Blashack Strahan invites us into an uncommon world: a chance to learn the thoughts of a leader as they go from nothing to everything. When we gain access to what a great leader is thinking, we get something every aspiring leader craves: the wisdom to make our own dreams come true. This book, like Jill's work, is a gift to humanity."

– Craig Ross, President and Partner of Pathways to Leadership

"I love it! If I could have stayed up all night, I would have just to read this book. It is very captivating. It is so down to earth, just like Jill. I will be purchasing additional copies to give to my extended family. This is just another example of what a blessing Tastefully Simple has been in my life."

- Kim Z., Tastefully Simple Consultant

"Simply Shine is a collection of warm, insightful, poignant stories about creating a business while building a life, told by one of Minnesota's most accomplished business leaders of all time."

– Jay Novak, Former Publisher & Editor of Twin Cities Business

"What makes this autobiography shine is Jill Blashack Strahan's can-do attitude and her ability to balance business success with giving, gratitude and joy."

– Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Gung Ho®

"Jill's story is a true example of the result of having the courage to believe in your dreams in the midst of 'life,' the will to continue during the hardships and the humility and grace shown when reaching the stars. I found such inspiration in her strength and found myself reflecting on challenges I have faced and those lessons learned. Clearly, 'can't' isn't a word in Jill's vocabulary."

- Julene H., Tastefully Simple Consultant

"I had to read some parts twice and stop occasionally to marvel at Jill's tenacity and strength, while drying my tears. She is truly an amazing woman and gifted in sharing her experiences. Let me suggest you order the perfect gift for everyone on your list - Simply Shine."

- Kathie B., Tastefully Simple Consultant

"There is no entrepreneur out there - male, female, young, old, just starting out or seasoned - who can't learn from Jill's stories and thoughtfulness. She just goes to show that effective leadership isn't nasty, brutish and mean: it is wise, generous and responsive."

– Margaret Heffernan, CEO & Author of How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business Success

"The book definitely comes from the heart - I could just hear Jill speaking every word as I read the book. I couldn't wait to get the book and I couldn't put it down once I read the first page. I read it in a day! I even read the 'Shine' section to my children because the message was so powerful for every age."

- Tracy H., Tastefully Simple Consultant

"I just finished reading Simply Shine and I really enjoyed it. It felt like I was reading something from the heart; an honest look back on Jill's journey.
It seems like so many stories written about successful businesses are rather egocentric, with somewhat the sense of 'smooth sailing all the way' if your idea is good enough. We know that is usually not the way it works! Stories such as Jill's offer so much more. She has no doubt planted many seeds with this book."

- Anonymous

"I can't begin to tell you how touching, inspiring and COMPLETE Simply Shine is. This book combines the ideas, laws and lessons of nearly every self discovery book I have ever read. All of the ideas and teachings I struggle to keep in my head on my path to self discovery are here, in one book. I am so impressed!"

- Angela P., Tastefully Simple Consultant

Read Excerpts

Read Excerpts From the Book

Enjoy a sneak peek inside Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire with these select chapters!

Inner Sparks (PDF - 99kB)

Humble Beginnings (PDF - 101kB)

Graham Crackers (PDF - 26kB)

The Mind Is a Magnet (PDF - 103kB)

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"Abundancy thinking takes more effort because it's not something we often observe. You've heard it before: you can choose to see the glass as half-full or half-empty.
I've learned: Find a bigger glass."

- Jill Blashack Strahan, from the "Be Abundant" chapter of Simply Shine

Book Details

Book Details

  • Title: Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire
  • Author: Jill Blashack Strahan
  • ISBN: 978-0-9798098-0-4
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Description: A collection of inspirational stories, Simply Shine is a compelling journey. Jill Blashack Strahan shares her life lessons as she molded her beliefs and principles - the laws of Abundancy, Magic and Realness. It will stir your fire and inspire you to shine.

View Media Kit

View Media Kit

Simply Shine Media Kit

Simply Shine shares the inspiring story of Jill Blashack Strahan - the captivating speaker, author and Founder & CEO of Tastefully Simple, Inc.

It's a book filled with beauty, tragedy, gentle humor, faith and real honesty. Above all, it's a book filled with possibilities about where your dreams can take you.

Topics for Your Audiences

Whether your audience is interested in inspirational lessons, women leaders in the business world or the story behind Tastefully Simple's success, this collection of short stories shows readers what's possible when you use these simple and courageous insights to fuel your own dreams.

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Interested in Learning More?

If you'd like to learn more or arrange an interview with Jill, please contact:

Lynn Arnquist
Senior Lead, Communications
Phone: 320.763.2100

Jill Blashack Strahan is one of the nation's leading female entrepreneurs.

Since she began Tastefully Simple in 1995, Jill has been recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® national finalist and received many other top honors for business and entrepreneurship, including Tastefully Simple's induction into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.

Jill makes her home in Alexandria, Minnesota, with her husband Gary and son Zach.